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Mealtime Experiment
So, you ask, what exactly is a “Mealtime Experiment”?

It’s the challenge to eat five meals—breakfast, lunch, or dinner—a week, together as a family, for five weeks. In other words, it means following these...


Step #1 Commit to eating five meals together (breakfast, lunch or dinner) each week for five weeks. It’s not easy but well worth the effort! Your meal together will be the best meal of the day!
Step #2 Prepare your meals with a family moment as your goal. Everyone in the family can get involved in the preparation.
Step #3 Before beginning your meal, say a word of thanks, a prayer, or allow for a moment of silence. Gratitude is good for the soul.
Step #4 Turn off the television. It’s important to tune in to each other rather than the TV, video games, or Internet.
Step #5 Eat your meal together along with positive family conversation and other family-building activities that make your mealtime family time. You can find all kinds of activities on this Web site.
Step #6 Clean up together!